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I. level lev‧el 1 [ˈlevl] noun
1. [countable] the measured amount of something that exists at a particular time or in a particular place:

• The longer poor performance continues, the more comfortable employees become with their lower level of productivity.

ˈprice ˌlevel [countable]
the average price of goods and services in a particular place at a particular time:

• Price levels in rural areas are among the highest in the country.

ˈsalary ˌlevel also ˈwage ˌlevel [countable]
the average amount of money that a particular group of people receive for their work:

• Average salary levels in the profession have risen significantly in the last ten years.

2. [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES all the people or jobs within an organization, industry etc that have similar importance and responsibility:

• Due to the importance of the issue, negotiations will have to be held at a more senior level.

• We need to recruit more employees at the management level.

ˈentry ˌlevel [countable, uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
the level at which someone who has little or no experience of working enters a company or organization at the start of their career:

• He was told that he would be paid $5 to $7 an hour at entry level.

  [m0] II. level level 2 verb levelled PTandPPX levelling PRESPARTX leveled PTandPPX leveling PTandPPX
level off/​out phrasal verb [intransitive]
to stop increasing or growing and become steady or continue at a fixed level:

• Lower mortgage rates should help the market to level out.

• Short-term interest rates will level off later this year.

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level UK US /ˈlevəl/ noun
[C] the amount of something that exists, especially when it is counted or measured: »

Unions are calling for pay increases above the current level of inflation.


We must reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

a high/low level of sth »

The city has high levels of unemployment.


The FTSE 100 index rose to its highest level since July 2009.

increase/raise/reduce the level of sth »

This policy reduces the level of demand in the economy.


There are increased levels of consumer debt.


Staff currently receive the minimum level of pay allowable by law.

[C or U] a degree or standard of something: a high/low level of sth »

We provide a high level of customer support.

an advanced/basic/minimum level of sth »

Users expect a basic level of service.

achieve/reach a level »

We hope to achieve improved levels of performance.

[C or U] a position or rank within an organization or a system: at a high/low/senior level (within sth) »

Candidates must have significant experience at a senior level.


Training is available to staff at all levels within the organization.


Managers at every level are tasked with cutting costs.


These decisions are made at board level.

[C or U] one of the floors in a building: »

The rest rooms are situated at ground level.

at/on (a) global/local/national, etc. level — Cf. on national level
See also ENTRY-LEVEL(Cf. ↑entry-level), HIGH-LEVEL(Cf. ↑high-level), LOW-LEVEL(Cf. ↑low-level), PRICE LEVEL(Cf. ↑price level), TOP-LEVEL(Cf. ↑top-level), WAGE LEVEL(Cf. ↑wage level)
level UK US /ˈlevəl/ adjective
having the same value, amount, etc. as before, or as something else: »

Interest rates are expected to remain level for the next six months.

level with sth »

Overall, sales were level with those for the same period last year.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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